Peer Assistance

Peer Assistance is support for CRNAs and student registered nurse anesthetists for all aspects related to drugs/alcohol impairment, suspicion of drug diversion, and substance use disorder (SUD). The first step in getting help is to contact your state peer advisor or call the AANA helpline (800) 654-5167.

KyANA Peer Assistance Contacts

State Peer Advisor (1)
Carla Hobbs Spare, CRNA, APRN Prestonsburg, KY 41653
p: 502-802-9813 (C)
p: 606-263-4401(H) 606-218-3522 (W) e: [email protected]

State Peer Advisor (2)
Kristen Walker-Payne, CRNA Louisville, KY
p: 502-689-6752
e: [email protected]

Confidential support group for CRNAs and SRNAs in recovery [email protected]

Confidential support group for Partners of CRNAs and SRNAs in recovery
[email protected]

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Hotline 800-273-TALK